Is the film applied on the inside or outside?
The film is applied on the inside of your windows.

How does the installation process work?
First we (meticulously) clean your windows. Then, we cut the film for each window from large rolls. After removing the liner we press it to the glass, smooth it out, and trim the edges so neatly you can’t even tell its there.

What about the winter—won’t I miss the extra heat?
You don’t need to worry about losing “free heat” in the winter. Our clients still see energy savings in the winter because even though you do get some free heat through your windows, you still have to have your heater on in the winter. The film insulates whatever internal temperature you desire.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the installation?
Nope! We have all the equipment we need and you don’t need to worry about moving any furniture, window treatments, decorations, or artwork. We’ll take care of everything and put it all back where it was when we’re finished.

How do I clean my windows?
You can use your favorite household cleaner to clean your windows. Our films are so durable you can clean them with anything except a razorblade.

Does the film scratch easily?
Most of our clients have either small children who frequently bang toys on their windows or pets who scratch at them. Unless they’re taking a knife to your windows (please don’t let your children or pets play with knives), your film will stand up to just about anything.

Will it hurt my plants?
Your plants will be fine unless you have fruit trees inside your home (most people don’t). Fruit trees need the UV rays that our films reduce by 99%. House plants are fine with our films installed.

How long will it take to earn the cost of the film back in energy savings?
Energy savings is a hot topic these days. Your window film typically pays for itself in 2-3 years. That’s much shorter than the 20 years it takes to earn back the cost of a energy efficient front-loading washer and dryer!

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